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Using Aquarium Salt?

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I have returned to keeping a freshwater plant tank after almost 15 years of marine-reef tanks. Just found the maintenance and long-term instability more than I could continue to tolerate. Planted tank sure have progressed since my last efforts in the early days of dupla!

I am getting myself back up-to-speed on plants, but it was suggested to me to use aquarium salt in the plant tank. Don't ever recall doing this before! Is ther a general sense on this - good idea, bad idea? I am going for a soft water amazon tank, so salt seems at odds with my goals?

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No Salt - it is not needed and can harm some plants and fish species.
No carbon is needed either.
why no carbon is need if you dont mind me still a rookie
Carbon will remove a lot of elements needed in the tank that the plants use.
If you have a well balanced tank then you only need carbon to remove any meds you might need to use.
A well balanced tank will not have a bad odor.
Carbon also has phosphate that will leach out even if the manufacturer claims no phosphates.
I've had my current 75 gal set up for 8 years and have never used carbon.
Thanks for the perspective on adding salt. My view on carbon is that it generally is not necessary. Only exceptions are to remove medications and during initial setup to remove excess driftwood leechings and high nutrient levels seeping out of the substrate - although, clearly water changes can accomplish the same thing.
Im using HOB aqua clear filter..if i remove the carbon what can i substitue with? Sorry dont mean to thread jacking.
I second Newt's comments. No aquarium salt, and no carbon.
Im using HOB aqua clear filter..if i remove the carbon what can i substitue with? Sorry dont mean to thread jacking.
Use polyester fiber. It is cheap in the "sewing" department at WalMart. It gives good physical and biological filtration.

So no carbon? This is the first I have read about this. I dont mean to butt in but I will give what you said a try.

What about using the filter cartriges and taking out the carbon? My LFS guys sell me some no name brand for 99 cents. I could just remove the carbon, would that work?

Yep. You can still use carbon, it won't hurt but it will absorb certain nutrients.

You can also remove the carbon and use the filters. As the other people mentioned you can also go to walmart or a fabric store and buy a 4 foot by 50 foot sheet of comforter stuffing. I paid about 9$ for a quarter inch thick sheet of 4 feet by 50 and I'm still using it as filter floss 5 years later.

In the long run .99 cents is quite expensive.
yes. i second the idea of using the fiber from walmart. it will last you for a very long time.

a very good substitute for carbon is seachem's Purigen. its a polymer that removes amonia and other bad stuff but it doesnt remove the ferts. and another good thing is that its rechargeable, just dip it in bleach and it'll be ready for another use.
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