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Using Ech. quadricostatus var "magdalenensis" as f

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Has anyone used the above plant as a foreground carpet plant. I just planted a few in my tank for testing and it looks good to me. Only about 5cm in height now. According to Tropica, it can grow to 15cm which is still OK as foreground. But I would like to know whether this is accurate. Will it shoot to 20-30cm? Also does it spread fast?
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if i can remember correctly Amano has used it in one of his tanks in the book Nature Aquarium World and it looks good....
good luck
quadricosta as foreground

I have used it many times. It can eventually get quite tall, but from my experience, that takes a while. I controlled the height by frequently removing the tallest blades. For me, it took a little while to really take off, but once it did it grew and spread very fast. You can trim the runners easily , though, and control the spread.
Does crowding have anything to do with it? That's been my experience with tenellus.
Thanks for all the help. I will probably give it a try.
Hi Goh,
Wanna see how it looks as foreground ? They are very prolific :lol: . Here is my 4 ft tank and I've to keep trimming the runners from taking the mid-right space for the APP.

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Hi BudiPT,
Those pictures really convinced me. It is definitely better than Sagittaria as foreground.
Great tank you have there. Will post pictures after I do the switch.
thanks Goh. Would love to see your new pic. :wink:
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