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yes, i have many shrimps, i know that they die with some coper levels, but i have no problems with that!
i have many snails, with no problems.
my rams couple has puted eggs many times.

best regards!


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be careful

If you are refering to Hortrilon by Compo (Basf) it is widely used in Spain for traces, BUT be careful a it has way too much copper in it.

I could never keep shrimp alive while using hortrilon. When I switched to Kelamix (another trace element mix) never had a problem. Snails are much less sensitive to copper than shrimps.

Hortrilon composition

5 % FeEDTA.
3 % Magnesium
2.5 % copper EDTA.
2.5 % Manganese EDTA.
0.5 % Boron
0.5 % Molibdenum
0.5% Zinc
0.005% Cobalt EDTA.
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