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What do you folks do when you are on vacation for dosing; give it a good blast before you go?
Right now I will only be gone for 1-week but while on the subject what about 2-weeks?

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I'm so poor that I never go anywhere for a week :( :lol: .
But if I did plan on being away for that length of time, I'd do a
large water change and dose as usual. I normally dose twice
a week, but would have to skip the mid-week in this case.
Then, on return, another large water change and dose again.
Then back to the normal schedule.
For a 2 weeker, I wouldn't 'blast' it. Plants have an enormous
capacity to store nutrients and would probably be fine for a couple
of weeks.
For that matter, the fish would probably do OK for a couple of weeks
as well. No, I'm not hard-hearted.......I'd just rather they go on a
bit of a diet than trust anyone to dump huge amounts of food in on them.


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It really depends on how one runs their tank and takes a vacation. When I visit my tank on a daily basis my overall supplementation is more rich. When I take a short (2 - 5 days) vacation my tanks run just fine on their own and I don't even bother with asking a housesitter to feed or even look at the fish. If I was to to plan a 2 week vacation, I would not supplement P the week before, supplement only TMG with the last water change just preceeding my departure, turn the day length back to 9 hours each day, and invite the housesitter to throw in a pinch of food every other day or so.

Some people might mix up solutions and leave exact instructions but I feel uncomfortable asking so much of freinds stopping by to feed the cat. Usually my housesitter is very worried about the tank; I do all that I can to ease these fears.

One thing I really like about vacation is marveling at the overgrown glory on my return. My tank usually looks breathtaking after a 10 day vacation. Perhaps this is because it's the only time that my tank does not look over gardened.
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