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Vale do Iguassu « 27L

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Setup Aqua:
35 x 26 x 30 = 27L

Canister Boyu Ef-05

2 Pl 25wts LDD Phillips

Laterita + Seachem flourite black

1 buble 1 second

- Paracheirodon Simulans
- Neocaridina sp. Red Crystal
- Potimirim Glabra

Echinodorus Tenellus
Blyxa Japonica
Rotala Wallichii
Weeping moss
Eleocharis Minima
Callitriche stagnalis
Anubia nana petit

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Looks stunning, Fabian! How about more shots; it is a bit hard to see from the downward right-oblique angle shot. Do you have a front shot by chance?
Ahhh... come on... let us see the entire thing.... what a teaser!!
Welcome back after a long time, Fabian. Like TG said, some more pictures please...

Also, how's your biotope doing? Any updates on the tank?
nice aquascape! wish my ten gal. looked like urs acrylic??
Thanks for comments.

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holy crap, is that water clear or wut! i feel like just dipping a cup in there and drinking some of
Very nice! What is the foreground plant? Is that Callitriche stagnalis?
hehhe sometimes i drink direct tank.

Tex gal:
Thank you. Yes that plant stagnalis i collect.
Sorry my english.
Beautiful tank, are you going to let the Rotala in the back grow higher, or are you limiting its height? I think it will loko great when it gets taller. I really like the use of Callitriche stagnalis. It is a refreshing change from glosso and HC foregrounds. It seems darker greent to me than HC, but has a smaller leaf than glosso.

Do you use some kind of water polisher in the filter?
This exactly I am using rotalas in this height and trimming. The use of the stagnalis is different therefore is always seeing aquariums with hc or glossos and the leves you made right.

hehhe almost. Thanks for comments.

More photos:

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Very nice! I love your pictures! I could almost reach out and touch the shrimp!

what a dreamlike tank...
Which camera do you use?

moy bonita pardon my spanish looks incredible!!
Callitriche stagnalis is a beautiful plant! Why haven't I seen it before now?
Thanks for all comments.

I use a simple panasonic dmc -fz7

Sorry i don't understand the question. But the stagnalis is a new plant used for foreground yet.

Other photos:

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1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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