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very dark moss

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i have a problem or not???i got my java moss 3 days before and it was very dark!now i havent seen any growth of the moss and its turned into beown almost color.all my plants are doing fine.should i give it a week or so??thanks in advance.
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Heh mine started to grow.. I added a touch of Flourish Excel for a few days and well.. now it stopped and is turning really really dark green... i donno, lookslike its dying off ...
moss grows slow unless under high light, ferts, and co2
i hace two canisters from nutrafin with diy yeast mixture i get 1 bubble per 2 sec. - 3 watts pg and i added some iron fertilizer.its a 30 gallon tank.any other ideas??
3 days is too fast give it a week
thanks.i hope is that and the moss is not dying.
My java moss did the same thing. After I received it, It turned brown. But after a week, it started to grow. The problem is that it seems to grow in every direction. So now I'm now planning on tearing it out and replacing it with mini-moss (I think it's also call Taiwan moss). So, I would give it another week.

But Hey, if it doesn't turn on you, send me a message. I could give ya another quarter cup to try again. :)
hey tomE.i hope it wont die.thanks for the offer.i have plenty of moss in my other 2 tanks.but i dont wont to take out the driftwood cause its like make the tank from the start again.thanks again!!!
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