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As Niko said above, I have quite a few non CO2 tanks but 4 of them are low light - 90G community tank, 10G Cherry Shrimp tank, 29G shrimp and cory tank, and a 20long that only has plants and snails (had Apistos up until last weekend). Only recently in 2 of these have I have started dosing excel at the recommended dosage - 8ml daily in the 90G and 3ml daily in the 29G. Here are the plants I currently grow in these low light tanks. I trim the stem plants when they start to grow past the height of the tank (usually every 2 to 4 weeks). I usually trim them to about 6" under the water level.

Quickest growers are Cabomba Furcata (trim weekly in the 29G), Bacopa Carolinia, Hygrophila Angustafolia, and Mermaid Weed.

Various Crypts - Lutea, Wendtii Bronze, Green, Red, Gecko, Balansae, and a couple of ones I don't know the names of. Grow slowly but have taken over sections in some of the tanks.

Slower growers are Ludwigia Repens, Limnophila Aromatica, Rotala Vietnam, Echinodorus Bolivianus, Cardinal Plant, Red Lotus, Ludwigia Cuba, Anubias Nana and Petite, unknown Sag, Subwassertang.

I'm sure I've missed a few. Oh the wattages for the various tanks are : 90G - 110 CF 4" above tank, 20long - 30 watts T12, 10 G - 15 watts GroLux standard flourescent and 29G has approximately 35 watts of standard T5. All lights are on for 8.5 hours daily.

I believe water parameters make a difference also. My tap is 70ppm Kh and 110ppmGH. I dose macros and micros using EI in all excel and co2 tanks. I dose Mg, Ca, K and CSM +B or Flourish in all tanks. Sometimes Seachem Fe if I need to. Water changes every other week in all Excel and CO2 tanks weekly. I don't do water changes in the other tanks.
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