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When I had a glass top over the tank it also got that white film and mineral deposit. I used steel wool pads (for doing dishes) and it came off easily and didn't scratch the glass.

The reason you see such beatutiful pics is because people only photograph their tanks when they look good. Seldom do you see our battles with algae, cloudy water, etc... posted, except in the Algae Forum.

To make you feel better, I just re-did my tank layout, ripped up an undergravel filter plate, and basically started over from scratch. A week after I did all that, my tank cleared up and was looking gorgeous for a 'photo-op'. Two days after I snapped the pics, my tank got cloudy again and now there's GUNK (I think from my HOB filter) floating around the tank. It currently looks like "a sand storm blowing around in a cloud" in my tank.

A few good water changes, a clean-out of the filter, some TLC, and some time, and it will back to normal. But I'd venture to guess that everyone on this forum has issues with their tanks. DON'T GIVE UP! :rolleyes:

1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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