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While it seems to work fine during the day, every morning for the last 2-3 days it says 0. Seems to be resetting overnight for some reason. Any ideas? It's been working great up till now, I've grown too dependent on it :)

I think it would also be nice to have the mod to see new threads since xxx hours/days/weeks.... I've seen it used in many forums and it's a great way to make sure you haven't missed any interesting threads.

Giancarlo Podio
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I'll add it to the list. Thanks. I'll check out what is wrong with the "since last visit"
Done. Please see announcement.
The new "view since last xxx" is great. Is there a way to be able to access it from any place except the main index. Its a pain to have to start all over again after you reply to someone. Just a suggestion:)
Looking into it Dennis. Thanks.
Hope I'm not asking too much :)

If it's an easy mod to do, it would be handy to have some more options inthe drop down list. Mostly between 1 day and 7 days. Usually I miss posts during weekends and so a 2-3 day option would probably help a lot as 7 days really gives you a large list of posts.

Just ignore this if it's too much work...

Giancarlo Podio

It can be done. I've added to the To Do list. It will probably be a few weeks though.


I've added your's as well to the To Do list.
Thanks for looking after us Art!

Much appreciated
Giancarlo Podio
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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