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Visiting DFW in January

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Hi All,
My name is Jake Adams and I will be visiting the DFW area as a speaker for the DFW marine aquarium society the weekend of Jan. 24th. In addition to authoring for marine aquarium publications I am also and avid aquatic gardener.

I am wondering whether there are any decent planted aquarium shops to visit in the area or if any gardeners would have me visit their aquascape. I am into slower and hard to grow plants such as Erios, Toninas, Crypts, Ferns and Mosses and I would gladly bring some of my rare plants for trades. See my Flickr page for pics of my 'scape and plants. Hit me back
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I just visted 20+ stores in the DFW area this past week. The best three for plants as of this week are The Fish Gallery, Boutique Pet and Dallas North Aquarium. DNA has expanded their plant section and I was there the day the shipment came in and while there was nothing really exceptional the variety is much improved.

Typically, I go in a store do my Seachem thing and bail. When you see as many stores as I see they all become a blur. This was a rare week as I was looking for various things for the 60cm I just "reset". Hopefully, this was good info but it seems to me historically that the above mentioned stores are the ones I would have recommended of the top of my head without even having been in them.
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