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Visiting DFW in January

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Hi All,
My name is Jake Adams and I will be visiting the DFW area as a speaker for the DFW marine aquarium society the weekend of Jan. 24th. In addition to authoring for marine aquarium publications I am also and avid aquatic gardener.

I am wondering whether there are any decent planted aquarium shops to visit in the area or if any gardeners would have me visit their aquascape. I am into slower and hard to grow plants such as Erios, Toninas, Crypts, Ferns and Mosses and I would gladly bring some of my rare plants for trades. See my Flickr page for pics of my 'scape and plants. Hit me back
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I remember seeing your tank. I love the look of your Ceratopteris_richardii. I also love the L. sp 'Guinea'. I have that plant and it looks great in mass. It is a nutrient hog and loves high light. I'd love to hear you speak - on freshwater aquatics that is.... :D
HEY THERE!!!! Stop the vicious gossip about me being a million miles away!!!! I'm very close to you Mike -1/2+ hr. Some of us do live over on the west side of the metro plex. Niko just gets tired of driving because he has to drive for work too! :D

Don't waste your time at True Percula. Their place has gone down FAST. I was in there last week and it was horrid. So sad. It was so promising at first. I think the owner's heart really lies in SW.

I think we need to have another meeting at my house and we can all hear Jake together. Gas is now down to $1.45 (paid it yesterday) so there is no excuse. We could meet on Sunday. We'd do lunch again- something not so TX this time. Who's in? What do you think?.....
I can attend a meeting at Tex Gals house. Maybe Tex Guy has his new tank? I might be able to bring a L. Pantanal offspring for one of your tanks. They seem to be multiplying quicker with the new bulbs I got from Chris at Michaels get together
Now your just plain bragging! You know I have issues with that one! I'm doing everything but spoon feeding it! :rolleyes:

Tex Guy's tank had to be shipped back. One side was crooked. I hope they can make another one fast. It takes 3 to 4 weeks to cure. He has everything in stacks ready for the tank. The only thing he needs to get is the stand.
I don't know if anyone is interested but I have a computer slide show on CD from my recent scuba diving trip to Roatan, Honduras. I took about 50 good pictures with a Housed Canon G9. I used the G9 internal flash. Some of you saw one of my of a Stone or Scorpion Fish laying on top of a coral head during a night dive.
That sounds interesting. If it's at my house, maybe we could have this running in a loop on the flatscreen while we eat.
Wondering what has been decided too... Any news yet?
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