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Visiting DFW in January

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Hi All,
My name is Jake Adams and I will be visiting the DFW area as a speaker for the DFW marine aquarium society the weekend of Jan. 24th. In addition to authoring for marine aquarium publications I am also and avid aquatic gardener.

I am wondering whether there are any decent planted aquarium shops to visit in the area or if any gardeners would have me visit their aquascape. I am into slower and hard to grow plants such as Erios, Toninas, Crypts, Ferns and Mosses and I would gladly bring some of my rare plants for trades. See my Flickr page for pics of my 'scape and plants. Hit me back
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I am very excited to come present to your club. I have been throwing around ideas for a presentation that discusses skills learned in reefing which I have applied to my aquatic gardening. I think it will be a very enjoyable discussion of many broad topics which should be of interest to even the most seasoned "New School" aquatic gardeners.
i can also volunteer my house. we had a meeting here once about 3 years ago and i remember people taking cuttings from the cactus garden and the grapevine lake. the cactus garden still boasts cutting-worthy plants, but the lake has had a pollution issue of late.
let me know...
You have freshwater cacti?:eek:
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