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Ok guys here is the photo guide to wabi kusa

for the purposes of this guide I have done this in my house, please note you should really go into nature and do this in the field beacuse:
1. the nature around you inspires the wabi-kusa
2. all the materials you possibly could need
3. get some excersise! :p

Here is the commercial products I used

The tools i used

Ok first things first, Substrate. I used compost as i was not allowed to dig up the garden. When you do this, use mud from near a river or water source, compost is a terrible substrate for this! When using river mud, plants you did not put there will grow if your lucky!

Mix a substrate fert into your substrate!

Add some water If it is too dry to mold

Use your hands to mold it into a sphere (as i might have said before, dont but a fert ball in it at this stage)

Then push it down on a flat surface (bring a board to work on)
this gives it a stable base

Get your chosen ground cover and cover the top of the sphere, this should be terrestrial moss or something like HC or glosso

Tie is on securely, at this stage you should also tie some aquatic mosses or riccia around the sides!

Plant it using the surrounding nature as both inspiration and a resource

carry it carefully home, and choose your container (i useda ceral bowl as i had nothing good :p

Fill it with sand and level, then make a dimple in the middle and place a jbl fert ball or similar

Bung it in :p place it ontop of the fert ball

carefully add water

hope this helps you guys
any questions??

a fully matured wabi-kusa

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Thanks for the great tutorial, Felix. Let us know how this one progresses.

Do you keep a few snails or other critters in this one? It's not a lot of room....
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