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hey gravy9 and everyone,

I was reading this thread and was just curious. I can't understand why would green water be so dramatically affected by this last filter change of yours.

As I understood, you had simple mechanic filter running in your 20g NPT for water movement, and then just removed it - right? Or did you install bio-wheel filter to this tank afterwards?

In any case, - how could it have cleared algae in one night? With less water movement, there is just less water/air mixing, and this probably results in more CO2 in your tank. Could it be that your mechanic filter was way too powerful, causing CO2 shortage in your tank, and after you've changed it, more CO2 was available to plants to fight algae?

And if you installed bio-wheel filter, well it just provided a medium for bacteria to grow and metabolise organic waste etc, but looking at your tank's picture, it seems that there's enough surface for bacteria to attach to already.

As I said, i'm just curious of this case, and if I'm missing something, it would be nice to hear any thoughts.

Btw, it looks like your tank is doing really well, gravy9! I hope it keeps on going like this!

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