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Hello all of APC!
I have been into planted tanks for a couple of months now, but my little starter tank is having problems that seem most like deficiencies (yellowing/browning of leaves and very little growth if any). I would like to know if it would be okay to slowly introduce each fert over a period of a month, and if so which fert is best to add first? Currently I am dosing with Flourish Excel only.

My specs are as follows;
Tank size: 1 gal (upgrading in a month to 20 gal long)
pH: 6.0 (lowest I can test for)
kH: No test kit yet
Ammonia: <.25 ppm
Nitrites: 0
Nitrates: 0
CO2: pressurized (lowest setting on valve).
Substrate: Flourish Black

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First off, welcome to apc. You say you're adding Excel, and you also have CO2 going in there. Excel is only a carbon source, which you're providing with CO2, so you really do not need that there. Though I must say, on a 1 gal tank, I might find it easier to dose Excel and not worry about CO2.

Dosing ferts should, imho, be an all inclusive type of situation. Not like adding one fert at a time, because all you're doing then is creating an imbalance which will probably end up in algae issues. Dose all ferts accordingly. For a 1 gallon tank, I would use liquid ferts because it will be lots easier to accurately measure what you're adding. Flourish makes excellent liquid ferts - N, P, K, and micros.

As to the amounts, there are stickies in the forum for EI, PPS, and other less common fert regimens which you will find useful. Pick the one you can easiest live with and go with it.

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