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Well Congrats Gomer for the will to start:) I applaud you. Couple of tips I could give. Try to eat smaller meals. This past winter I started to gain a little because I got a wonderful girl and we go to her grandparents every sunday for dinner. I really pig out there, which would not be so bad except it means I need to eat more the next day because my stomach has expanded a bit. There for it takes me more to get full, and the cycle continues. Fortunately I have a fairly active job that involves a lot of standing, walking and mild cardio plus a fair bit of heavy lifting from time to time:)

Try to eat 4-6 times a day but don't eat a lot. Try food high in fiber and protein, it is more filling, and start with a high fiber, higher protein breakfast. Starting off with a good breakfast really cuts down on the snacking later. Trust me :wink: ALso eat slower. It sounds silly but it works. It takes your stomach a littel bit to signal your brain it is full so slowing down allows you to get enough to eat without getting over stuffed.

One last thing to try is to rotate in time on an eliptical or cross trainer for your workouts. Depending on the amount of time you have, either spend 20-30 minutes as a warmup before lifting or alternate cardio on one day and weight on the next. Be sure to give your self a day or 2 off each week. Your muscles have a great memory and they learn how to cheat very quickly. Mixing things up helps keep them on their toes.

Good luck with it:)
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