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Things that have helped me kill off a few extra pounds in the past include bike riding, hiking, running, and swimming. Really, anything active that keeps your metabolism up helps.

Try maintaining the willpower to eat well for a week...just one, and I think you'll find that your taste for processed food will lessen. If you stop numbing up your taste buds with empty carbs and salt, they will come back in a new way. This worked for me, at least.

A reliable multivitamin will help as well, they provide coenzymes that you need to break down fat and build muscle.

Small stuff that just in general helps you feel healthier:
Green tea (scientists believe green tea helps you burn fat)
Orange juice
A morning walk
A long breakfast
Napping (a daily nap has been shown to be quite beneficial for many people)
Not eating before you go to bed
A good night's sleep
Lots of water
Eat less more often

Some of those might be a little out there for some people :) But it helps when you're in a healthy state of mind when you want to try to get into shape and feel better physically.
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