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Wanted: Link for Nano Tank Competition

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Does anyone have the link to the Japanese Nano Tank Aquascaping Competition bookmarked? I accidentally deleted mine. ](*,) One of the tank featured had 3 white angels. Does anyone recall?

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The only nano tank comp I know of is in Sing. There are no photo entries in this one (you bring in your tank). It is posted on AQ.
That was awhile ago. I don't have time to look for the link, but I have the pictures,

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Thank you very much for those images of the angels tank. I am not interested in those but I mentioned them in the hope that they would jog others' memories. :mrgreen: I'd really appreciate it if you can point me to the competition's showcase URL (or your archive) if possible.

My gratitude.
I don't know if you've found it yet, but here is the link to the Polish site which is currently hosting the so called "King of Minimum" contest:



Good things CAN come in small packages. Enjoy!

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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