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Wanting to rescape my 37g.

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I have the following plants in there now.

Hygro Bold.
Sunset Hygro.
Rotala Colorata.
Echolaris Belem.
Pink Tenellus.
"low" hygro

I have 24" 2x65w coralife PC and DIY co2 going through my XP1.

I really dont know what to do, its wierd. Maybe I need to just take it all out and start over...
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Any pics would get more ideas I think.;) :)
Here is an old pic but things are about the same minus the c.spiralis.

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I just got some new bulbs for it/ A 6500k and a GE 9325 (its very pink). But the plants have already spruced up quite a bit.

What would really make me happy is a setup with some smaller ornamental plants (erio. sp.) in the forground. With some more sought after/harder to grow stems in the back. I just dont know what varieties.

I currently am growing Erio's cinereum, thai and austraila sp2. Im my Mini-m and would have no issue transplanting them after propigation.

I have started the cycling process of my ada AS in a 40g cooler. The AS II That is currently in the tank is Mud, and I cant help but feel that this is the major reason I am unhappy with this tank.

With every trim/rescape/movement of my Royal's tail the tank becomes quite murkey and the resulting "fallout" leaves my p[lants coverd in a film of soil that im sure has resulted in more then one of their sickly existences.
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I just bought some Rotala Verticillaris. I think it wil add a nice sharp leafy apperance.
sometimes undoing it all and then redoing it can be helpful, I've done it about 2-3 times in the past 2 weeks
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