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Washing Eco complete

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I just bought another bag of Eco Complete Red and was wondering if washing it out before I put it in tank would cause a loss of any the nutrients in it since I would like to try and prevent my water from changing to a red color for a few hours. I already have some in the tank and notice the real small particles stir up when I do a water change.
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I think you may mean Flourite red, I'm not aware of Eco having any red substrates. If it is Flourite you will need to wash it off before use. There is no way to rinse it all off, so you will be ok in the way of nutrients. Here is a article on how to rinse...
Wow! Did not know Eco had came out with other colors. I guess they had to compete with Flourite, since Flourite just came out with their black line. If the red is the same as the orginal Eco, you do not need to rinse before adding. I would just double check the MFG directions to see what they recommend though.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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