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After being flogged and flayed in the APC Chat yesterday for being an old ninny (Buckets/Siphon Method) I went out and had petsmart match bigals price on a python yesterday. I do have to say with the python, easiest water change I have ever done. I must have changed 50% of the water (55G tank) plus buffered it in under 30 minutes. I do have to say I will never doubt those that rave about python/DIY python kits. They rock and I would never go back now either. Even if there is some chlorine in your water if you add the dechlorinator right after you fill it up I don't see that your fish would be affected (unless you are just heavy in chlorine.) I went and got a local water report for my area to check the % of chlorine and it was nil for my area.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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