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ph is around 6.8, kh 3, gh 6...I used aged water w/ the similar temp. I think it may be fluctuation of the ph. I used tap water and the ph is around 7.2 ...that may be the ph up a little when I do a w/c. Im still deciding whether to use Ro water or not?...

When pH is increased from acid pH 7.0 and under to alkaline pH 7.0 and over ammonium is transformed to ammonia.

I made a webpage about what I thought of the pH crash. It also has link at the botton that explains what I mentioned above.

Edit...I change up to 80-90% of my water and CRS babies seem to be just fine. Not suggesting it but changing water no matter what amount should not be an problem. The parameters of new water need to be the same.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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