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Water changes, how much how often

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Hi there,

after my last water change catastrophe I thought I would ask. What everyone does with their water changes. How much how often do you all change?

Regards Darren
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Water changes depend on why you are changing water. If you use the EI fertilizing method, you need water changes to keep from building up too much of each fertilizer in the water. If you use ADA aquasoil you need water changes for a few weeks to keep the amount of ammonia in the water down. If you keep messy heavy eating fish you need water changes to keep good water quality. Etc.

I use the EI fertilizing method, but I dose daily instead of 3 times a week. I also use a continuous water change system that adds about 10 gallons, for now, of replacement water to the tank every day, a few drops at a time. (45 gallon tank.) I do that for convenience, to maintain a constant water level in the tank, and to avoid big buildups of any of the fertilizers.
I understand, sounds like a great system ....... i have been doing 1/3 every 10days - 2 weeks
I either do 25% weekly or 50% bi-weekly water changes.
I do 50% weekly on my main i like the look of the crystal clear water and to keep things in check.

I do 25% every 2 to 3 weeks and 75% every 3 months on my corner i like the dark tannis look in their and have fish and plants that will handle such infrequent changes and the buildup.
I like to keep the tops of my tank open so that it evaporates, and then I fill it up each week. That's about a 10% water change.
I like to keep the tops of my tank open so that it evaporates, and then I fill it up each week. That's about a 10% water change.
That's a 0% water change. All of the things that you want to remove with a water change are not removed with evaporation.

I do 50% weekly
Oh, whoops.

Well, then I guess I'm part of that school that doesn't believe in water changes.
I guess I should test and then go from there how often it needs it
NPt's should have relatively infrequent water changes, like every 3 to 6 months.

Hi Duzzy

A lot depends on the type of fish you have large fish which eat a lot will need heavy water changes x2 a week while little fish x1 a week. the amount of fish affects water as well, more fish more work. I do around 25% per week on average although its ok to miss the odd week I have tried skipping water changes on a regular basis but this resulted in low level nitrates which is what I wanted as the plants take it up so fast I never see it naturally. The downside to this experiment was a slowly falling pH/kH caused by the build up of acid in the water, the plants did'nt look as healthy and the fish were a bit lethargic. So decided it was better to add KNO3 and go back to weekly water changes resulting in happy fish and the plants look better.

I do 25% wc on all of my tanks every saturday. I do it cuz I use the EI method, and i want to lower the water level to clean the glass and trim plants. I also use the water for my terrestrial plants. They grow crazy nice.:)
I follow the Seachems daily fert schedule and change 50% of my water once a week.
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