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I just tested my tap water further, the kh=0, gh=3, and get this the nh3 + nh4= 3.0 mg/l. This is the first tank I have set up since I moved here from NC. I always had well water before, I haven't ever had Ammonia levels like this from the tap. Any suggestions?
I don't know how you could have Ammonia in your tap water if it is chlorinated. I'd complain to my water company that my water was bad. Cl2 is supposed to kill NH4.

Having kh=0, gh=3, implies that your water is very soft and without any carbonates. I'd suggest adding NaHCO3 to increase your pH stability and also add some NaHSO4 to keep you pH at about 7.4.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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