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water gets cloudy?

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i have a 32G bucket holds the water for the tank.i always fill it up and put a heater.a air stone,a pump inside the bucket.give the water a little movement.and i added Prime to the water.but the problem is for the first 24 hours the water is ok.but after that the water gets cloudy and i see something like oil on top of the water.any 1 knows how to solve this problem?should i add a intank filter plus filter media and sponge to help clean up the water?
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i add 3ml for 30G ,follow the instruction.
Bacteria bloom can cause water to go cloudy, im not sure if this is what it is cause im only a beginer.
Lets see what the experts have to say.
i did use this water for my 29G.and no fish die .but not my 90G,i have alot rainbow fish inside of dont want to risk it.
Is the bucket new? Doses this happen if you use another container?
i bought it 1 month ago.the old 1 dont have this problem until few days before i changed it, but that is the same time i started using it because the Prime?
Where do you get a 32 Gallon bucket? That's huge. Anyhow, why are you letting the water sit for so long anyways? The water conditioner acts instantly so no need to wait for 5 minutes let alone beyond 24hrs. I only let it sit for 24 hours when I didn't have conditioner and sitting only removed chlorine not chloramine which takes weeks to leave the water.
i just want to make sure the water is safe for the fish,so i decided to start useing Prime.and i need some time to heat up the 32G of water.try to match the the tank temp.and i got the bucket from home depot .
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Check your water after it gets cloudy and a film starts and see if there are any nitrites, nitrates, or amnonia in it. As long as your water quality is ok out of the sink you can get the temp close out of the tap and use that without the trouble of using your bucket. Just add a good chlorine remover to the tank and fill. This is what we do at the fish store. A couple of degrees difference should not harm your fish, sometimes it gets them to spawn.
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