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wax worms

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anybody feeding their fish live wax worms? im expecting some baby box turtles to hatch in september and i just started a wax worm colony to feed them. each moth can lay like 300 eggs so i know ill be overrun with worms. just wondering if my harlequin rasboras might eat young larvae.
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I think - I may be wrong, though - that the fat content of waxies is very high. I know people in the sugar glider community recommend against feeding too many waxworms because it leads to fat gliders. No idea what they're like for fish, though.
thats what ive read. like mealworms, they should be used occasionally and not as a staple food source for reptiles so the same probably applies for fish. but im hoping my harlequins will eat the young ones sometimes to take some off my hands
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