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i'm from singapore. i don't see distinct styles here. When I look at local tanks, I see a mix of Japanese and European styles. Lots of plants but not arranged in a pure Dutch manner.

The ratio of Amano styled tanks to the European styled is about 1+:1-.

I myself is a strict follwer of the Japanese style. Been studying rock formations (Iwagumi), flower arrangement (Ikebana), and some research on Zen art forms. I believe this is where Amano san comes from.

I've only been in this hobby for 4 months, though I was into planted tanks 6 years ago then quited due to poverty :lol:

Here's my latest attempt at rock arrangement.

Still waiting for my glossosigma to cover the whole ground and my hairgrass to grow tall to complete the layout.

Rock arrangement is in my observation not very common practise in Singapore.
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