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I am from Singapore too.
IMO, from the aquascapes available on Singapore aquascaping websites, there is not yet a definable Singapore style. The word Rojak is well used. No doubt there are several individuals with quite nice tanks, but each has his own way of doing things.
If I am not wrong, most hobbists here (including me) are still in the beginner stage. There aren't many with more than 2 years experience.
It seems like a rather popular trend here is to create small tanks with mainly moss for shrimps rather then fishes.
One main problem facing many beginners here is the lack of preparation before going into the hobby. Many are not aware of the science and commitment required for a planted tank, and face many problems in the beginning. However, it seems like most did not give up but rather try to pick up the knowledge from forums after encountering problems which is a good sign.
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