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Weekly topic: Exploring Alternative Layout Compositions

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As we all learned in Amano's first Nature Aquarium World, there are three basic layout shapes:




Please refer to the following past weekly topic for more discussion on these basic layout compositions:

The Dutch favor wall to wall plantings, creating depth and perspective through the use of carefully pruned streets and rows of plants:

However, these layout compositions are endlessly flexible and allow for much greater creativity than is often thought. You can combine these layout compositions to create something totally new:

Combining the concave layout with the mound layout, you can create three islands (which has been seen in past ADA contest entries):

Also combining the wall layout with the wall layout also works very well:

As illustrated by this very natural, pleasing Cryptocoryne aquascape from Japan:

Another possibility is to reverse the basic layout, such as starting lower near the corners and letting the plants get taller and taller as they near the focal area:

So what new compositions can you concoct? Pull out your Photoshop or Paint programs and participate by drawing up a composition! Let's see what we can invent here on APC.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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