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I too often think that all these attempts to capture or describe beauty in geometrical or mathematical terms is pointless. But just as often it's hard to deny the simplicity of the Golden ratio.

To me the first tank's focal point is the "passage". It falls in the top left of the center rectangle.

The second tank has always puzzled me with the long row of plants that somehow "work" and still manage to create a harmonic impression. To me the focal point is the dark area, but it does feel awkward to call it a focal point :)

The third tank - I agree, the Ammania is the focal point. If we imagine that the Ammania is not there the tank will look "pontless" - as if the plants are just planted rather randomly there.

Here is a photo of my 6 ft tank as it appears tonight. Still a work in progress:

And here is a rough Photoshop rendition (with the Golden ratio lines superimposed) of a possible future layout of the same tank. The plants that would fill the left are Ludwigia repens x arcuata, Rotala rotundifolia (red), and green rotala. The plants that woud fill the right are Hygro difformis and Hygro siamensis:

It seems that the Hygro angustifolia is the focal point. I didn't really mean to make it a focal point but after drawing the red lines it seems like that is the plant that is in the strong point. Again - that may not be the final layout, just a possible one :)

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