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I have two questions about the weight of an aquarium.

First, (this just in!), aquariums are heavy. I currently have a 60 gallon tank in my living room. I'm thinking of replacing it with something just a little larger, but can't overcome the [hopefully] irrational fear that if I do so, the whole thing is going to fall through the floor and end up in the basement. Is that even worth worrying about in a relatively modern home (1970's)?

Second, my 60 gallon tank came with a cabinet. The top surface of the cabinet, where the tank sites, is not solid. Hence if I stick my head in the cabinet and look up, I can see the bottom of the aquarium (which is good to check out root growth for the plants). Would there be any concerns with weight within the tank, and especially the very compacted weight of rocks, that I would need to worry about? Is it possible that the weight of a rock, even if placed very slowly and carefully, could crack the bottom?
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