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JLudwig said:
Hmm... has anyone spoken to Ghazanfar/Rick about an offical GWAPA forum over here? We really need to build up in one place, its a really really sad thing that the community is so broken up... the exposure alone we like...

*sappy music starts playing*

we need to unite the plant nerds... I mean I know there are some folks near me into plants, its by chance they find our yahoo group, since I only have time for one board...

Several of us (including you) have been talking about this for over a year now. It was a big topic when we were in Houston back in May. Aquatic Plant Central does the best job of it and I like it. I think people will all get together eventually. I'm willing to help get everyone togehter.

It's Ghazanfar's turn to comment :)
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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