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Welcome to APC!

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It is my pleasure to welcome the members of NEAPS to APC!
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Thank you so much for this showing of supprot:)

To expalin to everyone my reasons behind asking you to sponsoer our forum, I would like to quote an eamil I just sent out to all club members:

Howdy all,
As many of you know, I often talk about a web site called Aquatic Plant Central. The owner there, Art Giacosa has graciously offered to, and followed up on, a public forum for NEAPS members. The New England Aquatic Plant Society is now officially up and operational. If all members of or NEAPS would kindly go there and say hi, it would be greatly appreciated.

One thing that I and many others feel is that the APC forums will become the premier meeting place and source of information for aquatic plant hobbyists on the web. In its one short year, it has really become the best and highest trafficked plant forum on the web. Sorry if I sound like a promoter here, really I am not. I do feel though, that the biggest thing we can do to gather members to our club, the hobby and to garner support and recognition from vendors, suppliers and all other organizations is to show a strong community membership, loyalty and a willingness to work for the common good.

I believe APC will become the place to do that and Art, the moderators and staff and especially the members of APC are already moving and working in that direction. I think the best thing we can do as hobbyists and club members is to continue to promote that feeling of community and helpfulness. Please, join me at the New England Aquatic Plants Society Forum, sponsored by Aquatic Plant Central, to promote both our club and our hobby. Several other clubs, from around the country, already have forums sponsored there so it will be a great place to meet and work with the major clubs in the US; plus, it is a great place to meet fellow aquarists from around the world.

Dennis Dietz
Western Mass. representative for the New England Aquatic Plant Society
Thats great! Welcome to APC!
Welcome, glad to see another local club on APC.
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