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I was just wandering around your site and the Prodibio products (specifically Bio Vert and Bio Digest) caught my eye. What are these products and how do you use them? Is each ampule good for any size tank? Are they made out of glass and you have to break them? Looks real neat I may have to order some to find out. Will that Bio Vert overdose a 2g nano tank? One last thing, is that bio digest a shortcut to cycling?

Sorry for all the random questions but I should have gone to bed hours ago ;-)


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Hi Dale,

No problem at all on the questions thats what we are here for.


To sustain healthy plant growth, your aquarium must offer a number of trace elements, including potassium, sulphur, manganese and, above all, iron. These elements are constantly replenished by the currents in a natural environment, but they are rapidly depleted in an aquarium. Healthy growth will be impaired by shortage of any single trace element, though most critically by shortage of iron, which is used in the production of chlorophyll, essential for photosynthesis.

Use BIO VERT to remedy poor plant growth and yellowing, splitting or transparent foliage.

BIO VERT provides all the trace elements your plants need for strong and healthy growth, including
directly assimilable iron.

BIO VERT contains no nitrates or phosphates.

The aquarium should be lighted 10 to 12 hours per day.
A quarter of the water should be changed every month.
The lighting tubes changed every year.

Instructions :

One capsule per 200 litres every two weeks.


BIO DIGEST is composed with nitrifying and dénitrifying bacterial strains selected for their capacity to transform the ammonia into nitrites, the nitrites into nitrates and nitrates into nitrogen. They are guaranteed free from genetic mutations.

Bacterial selection
The work of the different bacterial strains is controlled by the genetic information included in the DNA of each cell. Strains are chosen for their efficiency and their compatibility in fresh and marine water. Each strain starts a process which is continued by another strain until the toxic nitrogen compounds (ammonia and nitrite) are broken down into harmless nitrate.

The way BIO DIGEST work. The biological filtration is rapidly set up by nitrifying bacteria :

- Nitrosomonas europea
- Nitrobacter winogradskyi

This set-up and maintain biological filtration better than randomly or bacterial fights. These bacteria convert :


The cleaning by the organic waste digestion is favored by the presence of 9 strains, in optimal proportions, of hétérotrophics bacteria including

- Paracoccus dénitrificans
- Pseudomonas stuzerii

These digest organic matter ( plant and fish wastes) more rapidly than nitrifying micro-organisms (INRA 1995) and contribute to aquarium cleaning including nitrate removal

Nitrates >>> Nitrogen

In under-oxygenated areas in aquariums.These bacteria work in team; each strain ending the work begun by another. Some are capable to synthesize the dénitrifying enzymes in aérobic. It insure thus the purification, the reduction of nitrates, phosphates and prevent the growth of algae. They avoid equally by the food competition the proliferation of pathogenics organisms and decrease
thus the unexplained sickness risk.

There are also a few other freshwater products that may be of interest to you.

Manufacturers website:

This site should help clarify alot for you.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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