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Bob and Carlos, welcome to the new South Florida Aquatic Plant Club forum. Please reply to this to let me know you can see this.
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Wow, Art! A South Florida Aquatic Plant Club is stupendous! I can read your post very clearly. ;)

Welcome, bms!

Perhaps we should all introduce ourselves to each other? Also, for those new members coming in?


From what you talk about on the main forum, it sounds like one of your main problems is simply a lack of light. The standard strip of light that comes with a tank is hardly enough to grow anything. If you could place two striplights on that 20g, than you could start growing hardy plants that you won't have to replace --you could always do a non-CO2 method.

Anyways, I'm a college student who goes to the University of Chicago, but I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I've been keeping fish for a very long time (~13-14 years) from everything to gouramis to tetras to discus to apistos. Inspired by the Dutch, I started making plans to go with planted tanks and initially went with 2 wpg PC lighting and DIY CO2 (those were the days...about 3-4 years ago). Then, I found Amano's beautiful work. I have been in two international aquascaping competitions so far, but I plan to enter a slew of 3 tanks this year. I almost went back to discus fish today at the LFS after swooning over a beautiful pair. :D
Oh, I have a disease called plant collectoritis... now I'm concentrating on Brazilian plants that haven't ever been tested for aquaria. I also like to grow a lot of my aquarium plants emersed in a miniature (relatively cheap) plastic greenhouse. That's pretty much me, at least as far as the aquarium world is concerned.

Picture of my one month old layout (20g):

Picture of me:

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The green on upper leaf red on lower leaf plant is Ludwigia repens. It seems to be everywhere in the Miami area.

I'm actually coming back really soon. Wednesday, March 17th I'll be coming back south to Miami for a week and a half vacation. I leave Sunday, March 21st or so. I volunteer to hold an open house during the summer --I'm unsure of what I will see next week. :) It can be gorgeous, or it can be horrible. Both have happened.

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