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Hi, all! I have fairly recently jumped into the planted aquarium scene, but I am an obessive compulsive type, who loves to learn everything I can about subjects that interest me. The aquarium buzz has definitly hit me like a ton of bricks. To give you an example, I was in college somebody told me to try fly-fishing. The next thing you know, I am ten year veteran of bush planes, bear incidents and salmon guiding in Alaska, got my pilots license and float plane rating, and currently manage a fly fishing retail store that has won more than a few industry awards... What can I say, fish are my life and livelyhood... Anyways, back to the point- I am trying to get more information on how to get better at making aquariums bloom, and to some extent, I have been frustrated with the lack of locally available literature on the subject. I don't want to "Amazon" terrible books thatt are completely irrelevant. I love to read and while I find sites like this to be incredible resources, sometimes it is hard to curl up with laptop at the end of the night and read before turning out the lights. So I was hoping for a recommended reading list involved with, but not necessarily exclusive to, learning more about the being a successful at the planted aquarium game. Good books can have a lot of different qualities, and I am curious what you all think are the "must reads" of the subject, from the beginner level to expert. I picked up Amano's "Nature Aquarium World" book one and must have been cover to cover at least twenty five times, and was curious if their are other titles of this quality that are out their. Thanks for your time and imput.
P.S. Sorry about the idiotic thread title- I wish I would proof my work better...

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Re: What the top five books on planted aquariums

If you don't feel like going to another forum to read it, here is the list

Aquarium Plant Books

All these books are very good. I have all of these except the one by Pabloo Teapoot plus many more. I listed these in order starting with the best (IMO) and working down. You can usually find most of these books cheaper at Big Al's, but it will pay to shop around at different places:
Big Al's - has a large selection too.

Aquarium Plants (Hardcover) by Christel Kasselmann (Author), Ulf Kotlenga (Translator)

Ecology of the Planted Aquarium: A Practical Manual and Scientific Treatise for the Home Aquarist (Hardcover) by Diana L. Walstad (Author)

Tropica Aquarium Plants Catalogue, Expanded Second Edition (Spiral-bound) by Holger Windelov (Author)

Aquarium Plants: The Practical Guide (Hardcover)
by Pabloo Tepoot (Author), Ian Tepoot (Editor), Judy Leiby (Illustrator)

Planted Aquariums: Creation and Maintenance (Hardcover)
by Christel Kasselmann (Author)

Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants (Hardcover) by Peter Hiscock (Author)

Aquarium Plant Paradise (Hardcover) by Takashi Amano (Author)
This is a very good book that has a lot of "how to" info.

Nature Aquarium World Volume 1 (Natural Aquarium World) (Hardcover) by Takashi Amano
{Strangely, this one isn't listed on the USA site. It's on the UK site though.}

Nature Aquarium World Volume 2 (Hardcover) by Takashi Amano (Author)

Nature Aquarium World: Book 3 (Hardcover) by Takashi Amano (Author)

A Barry James book was my first plant book. It's little but it sure helped me to get started.
A Fishkeeper's Guide to Aquarium Plants: A Superbly Illustrated Guide to Growing Healthy Aquarium Plants, Featuring over 60 Species (Hardcover) by Barry James (Author)

There's many small paperback books published by Barron's that have good info and they are fairly cheap.

Aquarium Plants Manual by Ines Scherumann:

Plants for Your Aquarium by Wolfgang Gula:

I saw this one listed at the AGA site but I haven't looked at it. It looks good.
The Aquarium Plant Handbook
New from Oriental Aquarium, this 185-page full color book is more than double the size of Oriental's two previous "catalog" books, features new photographs and text descriptions of most aquarium plants, and an introduction by Takashi Amano. A great value for a reference book!
$25 (AGA members)
$30 (non-members)

The Simple Guide to Planted Aquariums (Simple Guide to...) (Paperback) by Terry Ann Barber and Rhonda Wilson

The Natural Aquarium: How to Imitate Nature in Your Home (Hardcover) by S. Yoshino

Barron's Aquarium Designs Inspired by Nature by Peter Hiscock

The Book of Water Plants
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