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I don't know how everyone here gets to know so much about ID-ing plants! Seems like most of the time the plants at my LFS' are not labeled, and if they are I am not sure if I should trust it. I have three plants that are doing great, love to know what they are. They look the same, but act very different.

This one is the smallest; labeled "rotala". It slinks along the bottom, then bursts up at three or four points. It stays nice and compact, and blushes a little red.

The next one was also labeled "rotala" (different time, different store). It has thinner leaves, grows straight up only, and seems to grow more slowly.

The last one was labeled "stem plant assorted", but it should have said "instant jungle". The picture is of newly planted trimmings; they will shoot to the top of my 20 gallon in a week, and if I skip a week of trimming they can fill 50% of the tank. It turns a gorgeous sunset red across the top of the tank, but it quickly blocks out light to everything else. In my 50 gallon it is OK; that is 18" tall, with lower light and lower CO2.
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