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There has been some discussion running about in chat and via PM that the AGA contest is rigged. I cannot agree with that assertion and would like to think as a group the AGA is above that kind of thing. There is no money or substantial prizes involved, only the recognition of your peers, so why rig. Conspiracy theorists among us are waiting for Oliver Stone to release the AGA Contest movie to be vindicated.

However I do think that we do not know what we are being judged on when we enter. The entrants need to have some idea of the criteria a judge uses and does each judge weight each criteria the same.

When one presents a car for concours competition in certain venues the criteria are well known. It is quite detailed but it needs to be that way. If GM consistently over sprayed a certain part in 19XX on model Y than you lose points if you cleaned it up.

Lets hear from the judges past and present what how they go about the process and I'd go as far to ask why the judge feels they are judge material. What goes into making a quality aquascape judge?
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