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Someone please explain how this qualifies as a creative aquascape and worthy of 1st place? Bare white sand and two groups of plants? Everyone here knows who Jeff Senske is. According to the WEB site he won first place in the same catagory as Oliver. Was it a tie or should it say second place?

Every single year there has been discussion like this after each contest and I think even one of this years judges has been critical in the past of the judging. I agree with Roger in that everyone has their own opinions and views, but each year there have been some aspects of the judging that just do not seem to make sense.

Phil told me he was trying very hard to be impartial which is why he gave up being moderator at my forum, but can anyone except Mr. Amano be at all impartial when the majority of the pictures in the contest were displayed and talked about in this forum, my forum, Planted tank, Aquatic Quotient, Age of Aquariums and other forums months before the contest?
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