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Most of my tanks are really small - 2.5-gallons to 10-gallons. So I have to choose plants that stay small, grow slowly, and/or don't put out too extensive a root system. My 4-gallon 'long' is doing okay with 2 Eriocaulon cinereums, a stand of Micranthemum umbrosum as my fast-grower, a few stems of Hottonia palustris (which gets a little too big when it takes off), Micranthemum sp. (aka "two-leafed hemianthus"), and a few pieces of this, that, and the other, which aren't doing so great and I'll eventually replace with other small species.

Bert - I think E. setaceum would probably give you problems in your tank, but E. cinereum seems to be a very hardy species, which might be worth a try even in your relatively hard water. It likes a little extra boost at the roots - maybe a small piece of a Jobe's spike or a "root tab" of some sort. Other than that, all I can say is, if it grows for me, it'll grow for you. Just be sure to get healthy specimens to start with and they should be fine.

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