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My Olympus C-750 Ultra Zoom

I just picked up the Olympus C-750 about a month ago. Before that I had to borrow Canon G2 and the Olympus C-3030 to entry my 10 gal for plant contest. The Canon takes great Macro pictures, but overall I liked the Olympus c-3030 more.
The top 3 camera that I was shopping for was the Canon G5, Olympus C-5050 and the one I when w/ C-750 UZ.
The reason is the 10x zoom and it takes regular AA batteries, also the cool silver body plus the Hotshoe.
The down side of this Camera is the 16mb XD memory that cames w/ it, the 4.3 megapixel not 5 standard and no image-stabilizer.
Overall I'm very happy w/ this camera.
After getting the camera, I when out and got a 512 XD card and the line of Hoya HMC lens.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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