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Piscesgirl said:
Actually, I've come to really appreciate products that are made well. I sound like an 'old timer' now! - but it just seems so much like everything I buy nowadays is made of spit and glue!
Watch out for hyped branding though... I've owned Eheim, Rena and Hagen filters and I'll let you guess which one broke first :? I don't care how well built those ADA products are, $250 for a filter intake and outlet is too much money. The bubble counters and diffusors are over a hundred dollars. What I hope is that some of this stuff makes in to the US and America "works properly" - that is Oceanic see competition for high end stuff and starts producing reasonable quality knockoffs at a fraction of the cost :)

There is this fine line between quality and getting robbed blind..

1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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