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What do i get?

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I have sand now, and i've been told this isn't the best substrate.
What could i add to make it better?, Pictures might help aswell...
My tank size is a 15 gallon, any help would be great thanks.
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Small, pea-sized gravel (about 2-3 mm in diameter) is a good choice, or, if you're willing to invest, you could look into fluorite (it's a product by Seachem)
Sand might compact on you. It might be best to add a whole new substrate. If all is well and it is an established tank i would not worry about it. But if there are issues ADA now imports through the Senske's so maybe some Amazonia soil.
The tank is doing well, and the plants seem to have done better since i changed from gravel to sand.....
Sorry... i might have confused you. Its only sand. nothing else.
I dont seea reason to worry about it then. Its all about personal preference.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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