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What do you think and what's next?

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Hey guys, this is my first time I've ever really tried to scape my 20 gal high. I posted some pics of what it looks like right after planting. There is some blyxa planted that's too short to really see. I was thinking about putting a red or bronze crypt directly under the main part of the dw and in from of the african fern. I was also thinking of putting a red plant on the left of the "parting." Any input? What do you think so far? Do you have any idea what kind of red plant would be best? I have medium lighting and am looking for something in the moderate to easy level.

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I find that with the hard scape less is more. You have a lot to work with, in smaller tanks I prefer smaller leafed plants.
I think the bolbitis is well placed. And I like the placement of the drift wood, however, the long apendage of the wood is too long - too big for this tank - it bisects the tank and detracts from everything around it. If you could break it down so the tip only reaches about 2/3 of the way across the aquarium the layout would be more pleasing to the eye.

Additionally, the co2 line (im assuming that's what the white tube is which divides the tank) is distracting, you should move it over to the side of the tank.

Over all your plants look healthy and you are off to a good start. Keep it up!
Ok so I have some extra time to fuss with my tank. I'm a little apprehensive about cutting my drift wood, but I suppose I can do it. If I do cut it, where should I try to hide the cut end? Also, if less hardscape is more, which I'm starting to agree, what should I try to change? I was thinking about removing the large rock on the left, which would give me quite a bit of additional room for planting. And if the plants should be smaller, which should I get rid of? I don't want to lose my bolbitis, can I just trim it and thin it out? Thanks,
If you are cutting the wood always hide the cut, could be the back of the tank or in the substrate (I might play with splittiing the wood so I had 2 to mess with, but not symetrically). If this is your first tank, also remember whatever makes you happy when you look at it is the best. There are very few Amano's out there.
Plants look healthy! Keep playing around with it.
The wood is rather large, but you can "hide" some of it with plants. You can plant around it, behind it, over it and on it. Anubias, mosses, and even plants like glossostigma elatinoides will grow laying/tied to DW.

You need more plants. Take a gander at the ForSale forum and see if there may be some there you like. People sell plant packages that are very reasonable.

Isn't this fun?! We get to play in the water and are actually encouraged to do it! :D
I agree with the DW being a bit much, If you use too much hardscape you run out of place to put plants.
Here's an update. last night I was messing around with re-positioning the wood and had a difficult time getting it to seem less bulky. I did try to push it back to hide it a little. What do you think? Should I just cut it? I noticed that the bylxa is a little bit leggy, but that will change when my replacement bulb comes in later in the week. The plant in the back is some kind of rotala, and I want it to take up the whole space back there. I might be getting some didiplis diandra and rotala colorata soon, and I think I'm going to put the didiplis where the nana petite is and the colorata right behind the bylxa. The petite would then be put on the DW or under the long stick next to the bolbitis. Any opinions?

I appreciate all the help, I'm really lousy at aquascaping and have a hard time replacing the plants I have-I like em too much! Do you think I could just get away with trimming the bolbitis? Maybe trimming it and bringing it to the foreground and placing a smaller stem plant behind it?
Thanks guys,

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Ok, so I am getting didiplis diandra, HM and rotala colorata from DR. ****enstein! So any opinions on where they should go? Thanks,
I was going to put up an update, but I decided to just start a journal, so let me know what you think. Thanks,
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