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I have both of my quick connects just above the output, and I mounted them in opposite directions so I can't connect them backwards.

Chop a couple of inches of tubing off of one end for the spraybar hookup, then hook up the inlet & spraybar assembly to the open ends of the tube. With the tubing hanging down near the canister, you shoulf be able to figure out where to cut it so that you have about the same amount of slack in both sides. This will allow you to scoot it out of (or at least most of the way) the cabinet before disconnecting the tubing. For initial use, plumb everything, then disconnect the quick connect of the output side. Open all valves, give one good suck on the pump's outlet half of the open quick connect and the canister will fill. Close that valve before water comes out, reconnect the fittings and reopen the valve. The canister will fill and you shouldn't ever have to suck on any of the hoses again, unless you forget to close the valves & shut off the pump before a water change.
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