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If you can find the upgraded input and output tubes for it they do make it easier. They have caps on the top to add water for that first prime and save sucking on the tubes. These upgraded ones are larger and work very well. After that first prime using the included shut offs will do the trick from then on. I installed my cutoffs just above the cannister so the tubes hold more water in them for priming each time. The first time was hard for me too, but since it is a breeze. They also make a little gadget you can use on the ones included, but because I bought the upgraded inputs and outputs didn't try it. Oh another thing is that the upgraded are a bit high.
Seems like they cost about $45.00 extra for both. You could just by the one for the spraybar side and that would help. I gave up also with those two green thingies you showed. :)
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