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What happend to amano's aquascape?

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I was just wondering what happened to the aquascape amano designed at the washington conference? And what happened to all the equipment he used too?

And while were on the subject, what happened to the aquascape he designed when he came here a couple of years ago?

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The scape was a demo only. Later that night, it was all taken appart. Plants were sold at auction. Ghazanfar got the substrate (I think), and Jeff got all the equipment.

The ADA journal that Jeff is doing is using that equipment.
Charlene Nash at the Tennesee Aquarium kept the tank Amano set up in 2001. It was up for a while after that but I doubt its still around. Luis and Tom know her well and could probably give a more definant answer on what exactly happened to it.
Charlene gave a presentation at the SFAS. From what I remember, the tank was still doing great. I think she said it was one of her easier tanks to take care of. That was like a year ago though.
As far as I know the tank is up and running.
Luis Navarro
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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