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Hi JanS,

This critter is a DragonFly for sure, it is scariest bug that I've ever seen.

Look these links :

yours look like the first draw. And also look very similar to this one:

I don't think keep this guy is a good idea, because they can spend years as a nymph before they became to a beautiful Dragon Fly. Also they are predators so you have to feed them live food :shock: .

It is some information that I found on Internet :

" Usually Aeschnids. Fascinating to watch, these predatory insects grab prey, which includes other insects, and small fish, with their extandable mouthparts. They also feature rectal gills for survival in water and move by expelling water through their anus. The specimens may spend several years as nymphs before maturing into dragonflies. Will eat other small aquarium inhabitants."

They are very interesting things :).

Also I found a place in Internet which sell this things ! If some one is interested I can post the link :wink:
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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