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What is this creature??

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Today when I was pulling some algae out of a deep dark recess this "thing" came out and almost ran up my arm..... :shock:
It looks like a big white spider, but it has a head almost as big as it's body, and bigger eyes.
I took a couple of poor photos to see if anyone has any idea of what it might be. I had glare on the glass and some algae, but maybe you can get some sort of idea from them.
It doesn't seem to be bothering anything in the tank - I even have tiny baby shrimp and they seem to be okay.

Thanks for any insight.
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Raul-7 said:
Would Mbuna's tear it apart? I would enjoy seeing something this ugly get killed.
Well, I wound up impaling it with my scissors to catch it if that's any consolation... :wink:
I found one of those things in my endler tub in my garden. The other news are that I can’t find any fish on it:confused: , they disappeared and it was full of them. That thing could eat my entire population? The water is fine and the plants too also the shrimps are ok, well not the population I was specting so maybe that bug munch on them too. I’m so angry the tub was full of endlers and cherry shrimps and now it only has some shrimps left:-x . I found only one nymph but I think could be more. I’m going to drain the tub and see what else I find.

That mask looks large enough to grab one of my cat's tounge as it drinks from the tank!
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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