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I picked these out of a quiet section of the small lakes in Mast Park, Santee, near San Diego. Years ago, this area was clogged with huge water hyacinths. But, they have been naturally replace by these plants. They seem to be rooted in the shallows and are just clogging the area like the hyacinths used to. All along the stem, they grow clumps of roots - in the water - just like hyacinths. The grow just fine as 'floaters'. Although I did not see any of the small yellow flowers in the lake complex, they are blooming in my 500 gal fish pond. The larger leaves are about 3 inches long.

To protect the fish. I bathed the plants in Potassium Permanganate as recommended by various pond devotees. These things grow like weeds. You can strip all of the leaves off a stem and within a day or so, new leaves will sprout.

Can anyone help?


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